How to choose accent color?

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  1. Hi! I'm trying to make a plan for a basic wardrobe, but am a bit lost when it comes to accent color. My seasonal color is winter, and my neutral colors will be black and grey (for the winter season wardrobe). How do I choose the accent color? Should it be from my seasonal palette? Or should it be a contrast color, something from the 2/3 from the color wheel...The color that I enjoy the most from my seasonal palette is teal.. (Generally, black is difficult with colors, isn't it?) br, Gro

  1. Hi Gro, definitely pick something from your seasonal palette. Pick a color that makes you happy, maybe one that other people have complimented you on when you wear it. Then pick a couple other favorites to use as supporting colors, ones that will mix and match with the neutrals and accent color. I believe Winters can wear black very well, and it will look nice with colors this fall and winter. Happy styling!

  2. Hi Gro, so you have black and white and gray, yes? And you like teal, so that can be your accent color -- just make sure that it is a teal from your Winter palette. And like Cindy said, you can have some other colors that mix and match with teal. It should work out that everything will go with your neutrals and with many of your other colors. To me black goes with all of your winter colors. One note of caution, I have learned that I might adore a certain color, but it might be out of fashion at the moment. So my main accent color is something that is currently easy to find in a variety of pieces. Over a few years the stores tend to rotate through all the colors, though. So when my favorite is 'hot', I try to stock up if I can. Elaine in CO

  3. Hi! Cindy, gesneramor, thank you for your input. So I've chosen teal as my accent color, but I'm looking for supporting colors that can add the little splash in accessoirs e.t.c. Open for suggestions here... On the picture, I've used raspberry (which also is from my palette) - and the combination of teal and raspberry seems a little 50's - don't you think. Anyone that has other suggestions for the splash color that makes it look a little fresher? br, Gro


  4. Royal blue will be good, and there is a lot of it out there now. Or yellow, the yellow in your palette. Don't overlook prints, either. My current obsession is black and white snakeskin print. Lol I didn't see it coming. I have it in a purse, belt, and now my sunglasses case. Want it for my car seat covers, but had to stop there!

  5. Just a note: I've found that raspberry looks increadible with navy. I just thought that if you were going to make raspberry a main color in your wardrobe, you might like to try it with navy.

  6. Gro, Teal and raspberry are great together! Try red with your teal...MSP says red is good this fall.

  7. I too am a newly-found winter. And I'm struggling a bit with the palette. In particular, like you, I have trouble combining the colors. Because they're all so pure, they look a little cheesy to me when combined (feel too 50s or too 80s.) And even though 80s is "in" right now, I'm really not digging it! The teal would look really fresh with a few pops of bright yellow-green (lime-like) or with red that's a little on the cinnamon side. The color season purists would tell you not to do this (not in your palette). But others suggest it can work as long as not too close to your face. I'm seeing LOTS of deep periwinkle / hiacynth colors out there right now. It's pretty yummy. Methinks I'll get a bunch of that as a wardrobe base. Especially cause I currently own almost nothing in blue!!! I'm leaning toward a charcoal grey as a primary neutral, and white. It's been fun to discover how good I look in white, especially when combined with a dark. I'd also suggest poking around on other websites (or color season books at the library) for examples of seasonal color palettes. I find the ones MSP provided were a bit limited in scope. :-/ And they didn't include nearly enough colors that I actually LIKE.

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