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  1. Could some of the SYSters here please help me with the following I just am nog sure about. I am a sachoolteacher and because of that, I always have a large bag with papers, folders etc to carry with me. For this I use a large shopping bag (Here we call this a 'shopper', but I do not know if that is a word you recognise :-)) This has one large compartment, so no extra storage for small things like keys. With this I always carry a handbag that has a large strap, so I can hang it over my shoulder, with my wallet, keys and all the other things. This is not a very large bag, and for example I cannot carry a small umbrella or a book in it (that all goes into my workbag) This handbag is old, damaged and too small for my bodytype. Plus it is the wrong colour for my new grey wintercoat. But two bags like these are not very practical, I would rahter carry one bag. So my question is this, what would be best for me to buy? I was thinking about: - a handbag that fits my bodytype, that is large enough to hold a book and an umbrella and a waterbottle if necessary, this bag I can use when I am not going to work - a workbag large enough to hold folders and papers, but also has small compartments for my wallet and keys. Is this about right or are there other solutions possible? And as for colours, black is not in my seasonal colours, but my wintercoat is grey. Does a brown (leather) handbag go with that, or is it possible to use black, or are there other colours that will match? Thanks for your help, greetings, Bettina

  1. Hi Bettina, I too am a teacher and I too carry a purse and a tote. I don't want to consolidate because I don't want my 'purse' to also be my office. I need a life! I love Lands' End canvas totes for my school stuff. They last forever and come in lots of colors. You could always get one in a pop of color for the grey coat. If you want to consolidate I suggest a purse that's a clutch that you can slip into your tote bag and that you can take out if you run errand on the way home.

  2. Great question! I do exactly what Linda does. I use a clutch handbag inside my larger bag. I'm not a school teacher, but I do workout on a regular basis and also teach spin classes every week. I find that carrying a clutch handbag (it has a wrist-strap attached to it) INSIDE my large workout bag keeps MY personal things separate + I can pull it out afterwards when I need to run errands on my way home. No one wants to lug a big gym bag around the grocery store, etc. Works like a charm :) Leslie

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