wrap tops for small bust

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  1. I am a body type B and recently purchased a couple of wrap tops. But I have a small bust and they tend to be a little more low cut than I am comfortable with becuase they actually have a little gap that could show my bra. I tried pinning one of them, but that looked silly. Can I wear a camisole underneath a knit wrap top? Should I have a tailor alter it somehow?

  1. I suggest having a strip of lace sewn in to look like a camisole.

  2. I have a wrap sweater that I love, that I usually wear over a leotard, or stretchy cami top. Pinning it looked a little awkward, but a small vintage brooch looks cute. Another option is to wear a pretty bra that has some color (or black), and put your small, pretty vintage brooch on the part that shows. That way, it looks like a decorative cami, but you don't have to fool with an extra layer of clothing. Plus, that brooch can anchor the sweater to the bra, so you don't show more than you intended to!

  3. TLC's "What Not to Wear" addressed this problem some months ago. They were talking about sleeveless stuff (e.g., surplice-wrapped empire-waist sundress, tank tops) and said the easiest way to make it fit the smaller bust was to just take it up in the shoulders. This is easy on anything seamless, but you might want to have a seamstress or tailor do it for anything with sleeves.

  4. I usually wear a stretch camisole with wrap tops (which I love). It stops you forever checking to see how exposed you are! I find a stretchy camisole with shoestring straps stays in place very well.

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