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  1. I have a question on how to wear a satchel style purse that essentially has 3 handles. Do you carry it in your hands or do you wear it on your shoulder? And many of them have very long shoulder straps; do you just let the shoulder strap hang/dangle down? Maybe this is a purse that's not particularly a good style for me. Either way, the strap will dangle nearly on the ground if I carry it by the other two handles or the purses hang way to long, close to my hips, if I use the strap on my shoulder. I find this style of purse very confusing with so many options!

  1. They can be awkward, can't they! Sometimes I remove the unused strap(s) or tuck them into the purse. You can get purse straps at a fabric store to replace one that is too long. They often have gold or silver chains.

  2. I usually detached the straps and tucked them inside the satchel and carry the purse by its handles. I only use the long straps (across my body) when I want to wear the satchel and keep my hands free. But most the time, I take the long straps off and carry it by the handles the way I see most women do it.

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