New here - have a question about tall boots!

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  1. hello everyone! I am new here and have a question that I am not sure where to ask? I cannot find a contact us page to ask a question to Leslie directly! I am a type 'D' and am a 16W - curvy but definitely bigger on the bottom. My thighs are quite large but I have shapely ankles - bigger closer to the knees though. I love the look of tall boots for the fall/winter and found a pair that fit me (finally after two years of looking!). My question is - is this recommended for 'D' figures? Will I just look like someone trying too hard to fit into boots? The boots fit my calves but look like they are too big at the ankles. Sorry if there were articles about boots earlier - I don't see any under my profile! Thanks!

  1. Welcome, samjoy!...I looked back through Leslie's articles, and the following is what she said..."A classic tall boot is the most foolproof style for any woman of any age! They will work with just about anything in your closet. ...Boot wearing “rules”: The fancier the boot the more slender the skirt should be...The best boot style to wear with a skirt is a knee high boot...For the best look (less horizontal lines) keep your skirt, tights and boots all the same color...When tucking pants into boots, only use slim cut pants or leggings."...I don't recall her mentioning specific guidelines for the different body types, but I know she feels all women can wear them. Hopefully, Leslie will see your post, and answer directly. Other than using the "contact us" at the bottom of the page, I'm not sure how to get a note to her directly. You might also try listening to her on her Blog Talk radio show on Tuesday mornings. She gives out a call-in number and you can talk to her directly with any questions. It's very helpful. Good luck.

  2. Thank you so much for your reply!

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