Everywhere else, I'm an "inverted triangle"! Help

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  1. Hi everyone, I consider myself what is described other places as an 'inverted triangle'. I have 36E breasts, wide shoulders and long arms but slim legs and no butt or hips! I'm a 14 or XL on top and a 10 or M on the bottom. already sent one email asking about my type but I don't think my 36E breasts really fit that description! ! I would pay for the information but i don't think I should have to pay extra to find a body type that is available on many other sites. Any advice?

  1. I guess if you already know your body type, then you wouldn't pay for the ID me option, just sign up for what you know your shape to be and start getting the articles and shopping guides :-) It sounds like you would want to get the 'A' profiles. I don't know if it's still true, but it used to be that you could switch body types if you found that the recommendations didn't work for you, if you gained or lost weight or something. Elaine in CO

  2. Sorry, I don't think I was very clear. Type A is what they suggested also but "Your bust is usually small to medium. You would like to have more feminine curves." really doesn't aplply! What I couldn't find was a type that was small on the bottom but BIG on top! Thanks, Karen

  3. My sister is Body shape A and as far as I can glean, it's about having broad shoulders, and that is what you have. I think if your shoulder are as wide as or wider than your hips then you are an A and the suggestions on the A-shape shopping lists will suit you. Size of breasts does not come into it initially (I don't think) as, for example, Leslie gives tips on 'big-chested' type-Bs and less-well-endowed type-Bs so that can vary. But that's just me guessing! But if unsure, I'd pay for the ID-me for sure! I was convinced I was an A and started dressing for it but Leslie ID'd me as a B and what a difference it made! I'd been wearing the wrong clothes completely! Good luck!nn:-)

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