How do you keep your bra strap from showing?

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  1. I have several tops that slip and slide and show my bra straps. The only thing I know to do is safety pin them. That is kind of a hastle. Is there a better way?

  1. I have had the same problem, and ordered something called Hollywood Fashion Tape, a double-sided invisible tape intended for clothing. It works very well if you get it positioned just right, holds your shirt shoulder to your bra strap. Also works well to place between buttons on a shirt that wants to gap across the bust. Don't remember where I got it, but you could try googling it.

  2. You can sew a string or tab to the inside of the shoulder of your shirt, then attach a snap to the end. Now attach the other part of the snap to the shirt. Then put on the shirt, wrap string under brastrap, and snap closed.

  3. Amazon has Hollywood Fashion Tape Double-Stick Strips-36 count for $3. There are 44 reviews that gave it 4 stars. Sounds like people like it. Plan to order some. Thank you Janie3 for the information! Catwomanbert, thank you for your suggestions for making more permanent fixes. I will try that on a few tops. Appreciate the help!

  4. You can also cut the tape in half if you don't need a long piece - makes it last longer. This stuff is really sticky and has never come undone. In fact you have to really tug to get it loose.

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