Bright Colors

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  1. I have to admit, i have NOT been loving the 80s revival thing. I hate the skinny jeans. I hate them even more in colors. So... I was a bit disgruntled to see that myriad bright colors are still in for fall. And then I was getting dressed this evening. I recently bought a very flattering dress that's a very vivid salmon-red... more orangey than I usually like my reds. Anyway, tonight, i decided to try something wacky: I added a big necklace of many strands of seed beads -- in TURQUOISE! Talk about crazy color. But having just read the fall preview, I decided to go with it. Added earrings in turquoise, smokey eye shadow (plus a touch of turquoise shimmer). Then tied it together with a black shrug and tights/shoes. Wish I'd taken a picture. But I didn't :( THANKS for inspiring me to try something a little more brash than I usually do. It was fun. And it was all in my closet already.

  1. You go girl!

  2. Awesome ! Fantastic ! I bet you were gorgeous in that outfit. About skinnies, being an E, I look like an ice cream cone with skinny jeans, whether with or without heels.

  3. I just saw that combo in a fashion pic I saw in H&M magazine. There was a woman in fuchsia, mint green, clear yellow and royal blue, and the other had a light orange dress with POPPING large drop turquoise earrings. I think I dig this more than the pastels that are also in this season.

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