I'm SO underwhelmed!

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  1. I was lured in by the Fall preview articles but I wish I hadn't signed up again. Leslie is out of touch with the E body type. No way can true "E's" wear the styles recommended in the style article. The Lacy dress for instance? These styles look absolutely ridiculous on an E. Don't get me started on the "all over pleats top" or the "soft safari jacket"...both belted. What? Almost all of the recommendations are really for D's. E's need TUNICS! Where are the tunics? And where are the V necks? This week's tops all have round necks with the exception of the tailored blouse which is too short and it's boxy. Big No's for E's. I'm disappointed that the article selections don't match up with the guidelines for E's. Just wanted to pitch this out there. Am I the only E that's frustrated?

  1. I'm sorry you feel that way. I am an E, also, and no I'm not frustrated. Women carry their weight differently, even within the same body types. I'm long-waisted, and tunics don't look good on me. Round neck tops are different than crew neck ones, and a long necklace or scarf can be added if the top doesn't give enough elongation. Belted clothing is not impossible for all E's. Her suggestions may fit you one week, and me another week. She's trying to teach general guidelines to a large group of unique people, and the rest is up to us to find which ones work for our personal shape, and which ones not so much. The stores she shops each week might not always have the perfect piece of clothing to use as an example. I don't think I've ever actually bought any of the clothes she's shown, but they help me to see the possibilities. If I try on something similar and it doesn't work, then I store that information, knowing that the next time I'm shopping I won't bother with that type of clothing.

  2. Gosh, not sure I can add much more to what Cindy said. Since she's an E it is even better she shared her opinion. Please read the shopping guide style suggestions at the top of each article of clothing (the tops, pants, skirts and dresses). You will see structured tops and jackets, semi-fitted blouses, v-necks, and straight body skimming on the top half is often recommended. PLEASE try tops that fit into these recommendations. This will help you create your own unique look as well as narrow down what is best for YOU! Hang in there my dear Shabbyfan1...you might need a new name soon, LOL! Love, Leslie MSP

  3. Cindy, I always appreciate your posts. You are so very gracious. I am loving MSP and even though I can't always do everything MSP recommends, there is always something to take away (especially if you are un-fashion-savvy as I am). I think my money was well spent.

  4. Thank you Ruby. I'm glad you have joined us, and look forward to seeing you grow in confidence. I have learned so much from others during the years with MSP, and it has made a difference in how I feel about clothing and myself.

  5. Well said, Cindy. :-)

  6. I am also an E and I really like the suggestions. Of course I do not like all the clothes or colours, but every time there are things that I do like and that give me inspiriration. So perhaps if one week is not to your taste, the next week will be again.

  7. I agree with shabbyfan1. I'm and E and also think the styles recommended for us are inappropriate. I wouldn't wear them. I like tunics too. I'm sorry I signed up and won't renew.

  8. I understand your frustrations. I am a D and find that many of the suggestions would look terrible on me, because I am short. I also have found that the shopping guideline do not always follow the article's suggestions. I still get some suggestions from the articles, but have to read between the lines, especially since I am also over 70,cannot wear heels higher than 1 1/2" or slim skirts, or belts. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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