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  1. If I'm a spring/ summer then do I still wear spring colors in the fall and winter? There are few spring colors available in sweaters etc. How do I adapt colors for seasons without washing me out?

  1. Here's a nice post on that question: Love, Helen

  2. Leslie has taught us that during the fall and winter we can wear darker versions of our seasonal colors. If you want to try some of the colors that are popular in the stores, do so in small amounts and not near your face (maybe in accessories such as jewelry, handbags, etc.). If you can't find your colors in the stores, try consignment shops or thrift stores. By the way, spring and summer are two separate color seasons, with very different groups of colors. I'm assuming you are a Spring?

  3. Helen, let me preface what I'm going to say with "please, please, please don't take this the wrong way". It may come out sounding like a reprimand, but I don't mean it that way. :0) This website and the services MSP offers, along with her private consultations, are a means of income for her. When other ladies ask style questions here, I'm not sure it's the right thing to use her forums to send them to someone else's site for the answers. I'm basing this not only on my personal feelings, but also on rules we had on the Big Tent forums. Let's support Leslie here. I hope that makes sense.

  4. Ladies, Posting links from other websites is a sensitive issue. I know it has been in the past at BigTent where for that reason we allowed NO LINK POSTING of any kind. Here, I figured, if you wanted to share a link to a jacket you loved, well ok....It is true this is how I make my living and my source of income. Being such, I try hard to give everything I do here a personal touch. I want to be successful in my endeavors, but more importantly, I know I can help women (for whatever reasons) that have found themselves at a loss of HOW to improve their appearance. Our physical appearance is attached sooo strongly to how confident we feel as a person (like it or not). By improving your appearance you boost your self-confidence and self-worth like nothing else can. It's an amazing thing to see a woman that has over years "put herself and her appearance on the back burner" suddenly rediscover how dressing well makes her feel younger, newer and happy again! Amazing. This is what I LOVE about the whole "makeover" experience. It never gets old for me! It's what makes me love what I"m doing so so much. I appreciate ALL OF YOU! Cindy, from reading your posts, I can tell you have learned so much! I also appreciate your support and help in your posts as well:) Helen, I LOVE your "what I wore" daily postings! They totally rock and give others lots of fab ideas. Keep sharing. Yes, there is other fashion advice on the internet and in books and magazines. Ultimately, it's up to you to find what works for you. I'm here as a resource too. My passion and mission in life is to continue to offer ALL women affordable (every size, age& shape) practical style help. I want to encourage women to find their unique sense of style so that they can FLY (Finally Love Yourself). I use's philosophy to help you achieve YOUR personal best. I hope to express love, respect and caring for each and every one of you in everything I do! Fondly, Leslie

  5. I did not know you didn't allow link sharing. Sorry about that. I just figured that people were honestly looking for advice and I remembered reading an article that completely related, so I shared it, as I would hope people would with me. On Inside Out, Imogen highlights other style experts and their viewpoints and websites. I told her about MSP and she said she would check her out. I see style as something we can soak in from many places and pick what relates and works for us. The MSP webite has done wonders for me, but the information is not easily accessible. I can only gather information over time, as I wait for Leslie to speak on the differnt topics I'm interested in. I listened to all of her blog talk radio programs since she began (I listened to them in a week or 2), I read all her blogs, but still needed more to move ahead. I am not patient enough to wait. I need to go on the internet to find the answer when I have the need. It's the way I learn. I can't be happy until I've learned to a level that satisfies me. I understand that this is a business, and I'm glad to pay for it. $40 a year isn't a lot for what we get, but I don't think that looking elsewhere for advice is bad. The information we get from Leslie weekly isn't duplicated anywhere else. Even with all I've read elsewhere, Leslie's information is unique and worth the money. I don't think that sending people to Inside Out to see a polyvore that illustrates a style point will take income from Leslie. It's frosting on the cake. But... I'll abide by the rules.

  6. Dear Helen: Please don't stop passing on the things you are learning! I read what Leslie said and she didn't seem to be saying that the rule was not to share information from other sites. I LOVE your coments and your "What I wore today" Keep up the good work everyone.

  7. Hi... I am trying to print out my color chart.. I am a summer... to take with me shopping... How do I do that???

  8. I have also been trying to get help with printing a color chart...but with no success. Please, can someone help?

  9. I cannot find my link to my colours - can you help?? I thought it would show up in my profile

  10. HI... I would love to be able to print out my seasonal colors and take them with me shopping... How do I do that????

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