dressing up a school t-shirt

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  1. I volunteer at a school and wear the school "spirit" shirt. Any ideas on how to put some style into a spirit shirt and jeans?!

  1. If you can sew, it would help to sew the side seams in a little so they come in at the waist, like an inch and go gradually back out (up and down), so it's body skimming. Also, if you can cut that crew neck out and cut a v-neck in the t-shirt and just hem it over, it would look more feminine. I did that to couple of t-shirts and it came out nicely. At the bottom of the v, you can pinch the fabric at the top inch or two and sew it together like a gather, and it looks real nice.

  2. Thanks, HC! My sewing skills are pathetic, but I could probably adjust the side seams and shorten the length. I'm a C, so I think that would help.

  3. Can you add a scarf or some kind of necklace to add some pizzaz?

  4. A fitted jacket over the Tee would definitely work!

  5. How about crocheted lace around the bottom?

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