Wearing Red this Season as an Autumn

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  1. Hi everyone, I hope you have some suggestions for me. I have been looking for some red to bring into my wardrobe and I am having trouble. I am an autumn and my capsule wardrobe colors are chocolate brown, warm off-white, and that sort of bright mustard yellow-gold that is easy to find right now. I have some tops with various accent colors that I mix in as well. I don't have any black at all. I would like to try to find some red to be on-trend this season. I found a brick red tank top, and I have a light-brown-and-red bracelet. I was thinking that I would try to find some red shoes and other accessories, but everything that I have found so far is not an autumn (warm) red, it's a winter (cool) red. So I need some ideas, if I bought, say red shoes or red skinny jeans, how could I wear them with my existing wardrobe? I think I would need some black pants/skirt/leggings and/or black shoes to wear against the cool-toned read, but then I could use one of my warm white tops? Maybe I need a warm white sweater or jacket, which I don't already own, to top it off? I am stuck! My other options are to just skip wearing any red this year, LOL. Or to just keep on the lookout, maybe some of 'my' reds will appear later in the season. Thanks, Elaine in CO

  1. I warmer reds mainly on the Coldwater Creek website. I know they have some red pants I think would pair well with a brown jacket and brown boots.

  2. Thanks baryj1! I looked and yes, they seem like they would be terrific! I have a store sort-of-close to me and will go try them on. I don't usually shop CWC since that is a bit out of my price range. While I was there I saw a fitted jacket on sale that would be a perfect basic piece for me, so I am doubly grateful to you!! LOL Elaine in CO

  3. Also, if you don't see your reds in the stores right now, you'll find them at any time in thrift stores. I wear cool reds, but see warm reds there all the time. If you have one near you, it might be worth looking into. Love, Helen

  4. Personally... I love red with deep chocolate brown. Shoes would be especially fun~!

  5. Am seeing a lot of warmer reds lately as fall styles hit the stores. (even purses!) Rasperry purples and cinnamony reds. It's pretty yummy.

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