Long-legged petite "B"?

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  1. Okay, getting serious about making use of my subscription again and working on that basic wardrobe! My dilemma is this: "B"s are well-suited for flares/bootcuts and I've always liked how I look in flare/bootcut jeans. However, I'm 5'2" and solidly petite, and flares/bootcuts are supposed to be a no-no for petites. So I cut them out of my wardrobe. When I took my measurements, though, I found I'm disproportionate -- my inseam is 32", which is more average than petite, from what I can tell. Is that extra length enough of a difference than I can manage bootcuts/flares without being overwhelmed? As I said, I always liked wearing those because I felt they balanced my hips well! I currently have a pair of wide leg jeans that I got despite my misgivings about my body type guide, and I love, love, love them. Can a long-legged "B" really pull off these jeans styles, or am I deluding myself? :) Secondary question: I'd really like to try high-waisted pants/shorts, as I'm drawn to the style. I have generous hips by design, and a relatively small waist that has been getting smaller. I know MSP tends to caution against them, but I'd like to try that style if I might could do it. :) Thank you for any thoughts anyone can offer!!

  1. Hi! At 5' 4" I am sometimes borderline petite, and I have relatively short legs and a long torso, so we aren't all that similar in build really. At least I am a B body shape though! So I here is what I think ;-) I really love bootcut pants and jeans. While straight leg slacks are supposed to be better for lengthening my leg, I don't feel as 'right' in them. My personal style is pretty strongly casual -- I'm a Harley rider -- and bootcuts fit my style. So that is what I wear. I wouldn't wear high-waisted no matter what, though! That style looks just awful on me, emphasizing my lower tummy in a way that makes me feel bad about myself throughout the day. As important is it is to me to look good, I also want to feel good in my clothes. Bootcut fills the bill for me personally. All this is to say, give it a try! Take a full-length photo, and see what the camera tells you. Elaine in CO

  2. Thanks, Elaine, you're totally right. Whatever my style profile says, I have to remember that what I feel happy wearing counts, too! I'll take a camera with me the next time I go shopping and try on some different styles and see what the photos tell me. The camera doesn't lie. :)

  3. I'm gonna vote for flare legs, and against high waist.

  4. I'm a B and long-waisted so am having the opposite issues from you, Belladonna! I do take a camera into the changing cubicles with me so that's a great idea, gesneramor. It's odd what can look good and what not; often unexpected. E.g. wider belts look much better on me than skinny so although I don't feel 100% comfortable in wide belts I do have to admit that the skinny belts just look silly on me, like an afterthought. And I do like the high-waisted look on me, perhaps because it elongates my stumpy legs...! Depends on the style, fabric and cut, of course. I'm the opposite of you, gesneramor, as I feel totally out-of-place in floppy hemlines on trousers, and that includes flares. I know that bootcuts are supposed to look good on a B, and I guess they sort of do, but I just hate that feeling of extra fabric flopping round my ankles. :-) I prefer slim ankle trousers. It's great how we're all different, though!

  5. I think 'the rules' are more general guidelines. Eventually, as you learn what suits your body, you can start fine-tuning. If there is one hard and fast rule, I think it's this: if you feel like a million bucks when you wear it, then it's right for you :) I think for anything, including pants, it's a matter of scale. Where the flare hits you on your leg, how wide the flare is, how loose the rest of the leg is, how it looks in proportion to your upper body, etc. The girls are right, take pictures, they will be more honest than skinny/tall mirrors at the store.

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