Any fashionable maternity advice?

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  1. I just purged my closet and have all my favorite outfits organized but I just found out I'm pregnant with our fourth child! I'm already showing so I went to motherhood maternity and was so shocked by the poor quality of clothing. How do you dress nicely during pregnancy? I've been living in sweats! Help!

  1. I had 4 kids in about 7 years, and I'm finally able to turn my attention to my own clothing now that I don't have to budget for diapers. :) One of the smartest things my sis-in-law (also had 4) and I found to do for ourselves while pregnant was to (don't laugh here) have a silky, flowing, lacey nightgown that made us feel beautiful. We passed the same beloved maternity gown back and forth repeatedly with no embarassment whatsoever, it was that nice and that important! It was just the one thing we could wear and still feel completely womanly and beautiful no matter how far along and miserable we were. Know this doesn't help with outer fashion, but a little private confidence can go a long way to feeling good in public too.

  2. Love it!! Thanks for the great advice!

  3. I've been thinking more about the outer wear too. Good, supportive tennies or walking shoes are a must, and you want them to be basic enough colored to go anywhere. Make sure the shoes aren't hard to fasten when there's a basketball between you and them! :) Your feet may stretch and change, so don't take any chances . . . put your money in the best pair you can find. I also would get very hot easily, so finding several lightweight, basic maternity t's to layer over (even in the winter) was pretty important. Even if it's chilly outside, you don't want to find yourself getting overheated and sick to your stomach in church or a meeting! Remember, it may be hard to dress yourself now or even feel like dressing at all, but this too shall pass. God's bless you and the little one.

  4. I think that empire waist dresses with no gathering at the waist are a great thing to buy, in stretchy material, because they look good on you when you're not pregnant, so that's good for post partum, and they stretch with you while you grow, and you can add cardigans when you're cold (I think bolero cardigans look nice with empire waist dresses). You can get nice ones on e-bay that are good quality. People don't wear them for long, so they are usually in good condition used. You can also change the look of the dress with jewelry and scarves, leggings and knee high boots.

  5. I just remembered 2 nice posts on looking stylish when you're pregnant: and: I have 5 children, my youngest is 3. I wish I had found some style help with my maternity days (more like years!). Hope all goes well for you!

  6. Congrats on your pregnancy! I just had our second daughter and loved my maternity jeggings. I believe it was the Paige Premium Maternity Jegging: I got it from this boutique store, it was expensive but well worth it, as I could wear them until about 2 weeks before I delivered. I bought those and some other leggings and based most of my outfits on those! My first pregnancy I bought a lot of large and wide shirts, but this time i went more streamlined, getting a few dresses and shirts with rouching on the sides. It was fun showing off the curves this time around! The bonus with these is I could wear them postpartum for several weeks (as I was shrinking) and still felt stylish and non-maternity! One other brand I recommend is BOOB design. They have some maternity and nursing wear that is so soft and comfortable with a stretchy and soft material. Some of their shirts are called "before and after" and I am still wearing it as a nursing shirt. Honestly I like my BOOB shirts more than my regular clothes! Hope this helps! I was able to find some factory second BOOB Design shirts on Ebay with no visible imperfections at a much better price. The downside is you don't have as much of a selection as shopping at retailers. All the best to you and your bean!

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