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  1. Before I even get started, I know I will regret this post and I'm remembering what I was taught when I was younger about 'if you can't say something nice....'....I'm sorry but my first and foremost reason for even belonging to Missussmarty Pants is that I needed advice and guidance because I was lost on how to dress my 50+ person and feel stylish at the same time.....when I view Faith's recommendations now and as well as her spring advice, I'm as lost with her as I ever was before belonging to Missussmarty Pants. I am not in the least inspired by her clothing choices or hair style pointers. She's cute as a button and might be sweet as pie but I don't think I will be going to Sally's and buying false hair pieces so I can pull my "coif" into a sleek ponytail or "twist" my sides into a bobby pin! I'm not even going to say anything about the clothing in her recent post. Do I sound like a bitter middle aged woman? Ok, stepping down from soap box and hiding in shame....but please don't waste my time with fashion advice that is coming from somebody that hasn't a clue how to deal with middle aged spread!

  1. I thought the very same thing, ha! There are loads of fashion bloggers whose audience is the younger crowd but there are very few good sites that are aimed at women my age, 50+. Besides Missussmarty Pants is Already Pretty(age 40+ and up)that addresses style for us.

  2. Hold the phone, ladies! Some of us are under 40! Let's live and let live a little here. Faith is just speaking to a slightly different slice of MSP's following, including me! An occasional less-than-steller week is not a big deal to me. I think the articles are a great value, especially when you look at the entire season and not just one week by itself.

  3. I liked Faith's article, too, even though I am over 40 and won't be wearing black and blue this season. I agree, live and let live! It's fun to hear what others are doing. Elaine in CO

  4. I'm in my 60's and tried the side twist yesterday. It's great because I'm trying to grow out my bangs. The twist corrals those bangs. Ladies, we've been mixing blue and black for years...denim (blue) with black shirts and jackets!!! Baryj1 and Gesneramor, I agree it's fun to hear about others and try to adapt it to our own style.

  5. Leslie I agree with the general faults you have found with this style website. I am 80 years old. I love different fabrics when they have a nice hand and are becoming to me. I build my wardrobe around a basic color with complementary colors for accessories. I'm 5 feet 0 inches and have an excessive rounded back that will only get worse. I gravitate to the classic style and it works well for me. This past month my daughter helped me purge my closets and clothes packed in totes. What was so interesting for me was that for many years my go to color was the burgundy red that is seen frequently at this time. I used this color sometimes as the primary color and sometimes the accessories. The burgundy was also scattered through out my house in one way or another as mats for wall art; vases; picture frames; sparkling colored glass. Currently I am knitting a cardigan sweater for me specifically for my critical measurements. The yarn is hand dyed; the blend is 75% merino wool/15% silk/10 cashmere. The yarn feels silky and soft in my hand. The yarn is expensive but it will last until at least I am 100. I prefer quality over quantity. My spirit will bond with this yarn. It already had before I started knitting. I have not seen anything in this website that offers anything to me. I am going to try and cancel my subscription. Kate9373 Salem, Oregon

  6. A kind heart, gentleness, encouraging words, always make a woman beautiful. They are always in stlye, very classy and classic.

  7. Leslie, I thought the same thing. And this was actually the first article that I didn't download and save. Not that I can't learn anything from a younger person but the advice just didn't apply to me as I am now.

  8. Seeing Faith's posts have been refreshing for me, as I have sometimes wondered whether I fall too far below the median age of SYSters to appreciate all of Leslie's advice about aging gracefully. (I'm not even 30 yet!) While I didn't love every single recommendation Faith made, I don't love all the recommendations Leslie makes either. But I love having a younger perspective included in MSP, and I thought that Leslie MSP's response to this poster was classy and gracious - kudos to you, Leslie!

  9. I am 40, but nobody believes it or that I have 4 teenagers. I look younger and dress accordingly. I totally understand middle age spread! On the other side of the coin I have an eighteen year old daughter who is on here. She gets tired of all the older woman fashion and delights in seeing a younger woman's take on fashion and my daughter has long hair like Faith's. Missy's Smarty Pants is not just for old frumpy women. My 2 cents worth.

  10. I've been trying hard since last week to FIND the tips from Faith! I'm neither 20 nor 50, but I would really enjoy seeing some youthful opinions so that I don't dress like I *look* 50. lol I'd especially like to see the hair ideas. Would somebody please direct me to Faith's article? Or is it only available to paying subscribers? Thanks! PS - Deanne, what a lovely post, and things I must remember. =)

  11. Spotterfly, yes the article is part of the member's paid weekly profile. Leslie, MSP has never said her services are only for women who are 40 and over. If you listen to her blog talk radio show, or read her Facebook page, or join in the forums here and on Big Tent, you will see questions from all ages. Sometimes MSP's articles deal with the concerns of the younger crowd, other times the older ones. Sometimes they are geared to the slender women, other times to the plus-sized. Sometimes they meet the needs of those entering, or already in, the workforce, other times for those who stay home (young moms, retired ladies, etc.). There are times when she links to clothing that I can't wear, but I can find something similar to it in my size and style, or find inspiration in the color, or something. Clothing is not "one size fits all", and neither is fashion information. Learn from, be inspired by, and use what applies to you, and either ignore or adapt the information that doesn't.

  12. Lady I never said any such thing about anything being geared to 40 and over. Thank you for telling me about Faith's article so I can stop searching, but I thank you not for the rest of your diatribe, particularly your last three sentences. I certainly won't come back to these forums. I only came because of the one who started this thread being featured in the blog this week. That should have told me something about what it was like here.

  13. Spotterfly, only Cindy's first sentence was in response to you. The rest was for the original poster, named Leslie.

  14. Spotterfly, I am so sorry for the confusion. As belladonnablue said, the rest was in response to the first poster. The post was not in any way a diatribe against anyone, just a response. The one thing I dislike about writing anything is that the way it is meant to be said doesn't always come across correctly, as you can't see the person's body language, facial expressions, or tone of voice. I never intended what I said to be taken as criticism of the person, just my feelings about articles that don't always apply to me. The first poster was venting her frustration. I simply gave my opinion about the same subject.

  15. I am an E in her sixties and think that Faith's advice, though not applicable to me, was still fantastic for a large audience into which I do not fit anymore. The problem is not the article; it is not Faith's problem if I turned sixty and I have no hard feelings in this matter. My choice was made long ago between grow older or die young. So I let young people be young and have fun with it. I have fun of my kind, that came with time, grey hair, wrinkles, grand children and so on. Now may I submit this thought a first read in French and keep posted home: Between what I think, what I want to say, what I think I say, What I actually say, What you feel like hearing, What you hear, What you think you understand, What you want to understand and What you do understand, there are nine different ways to misunderstanding. For the purpose of this forum, you may substitute 'say' and 'hear' by 'write' and 'read'.

  16. Kate, Even if you cancel, please stay on the forum! I enjoyed your post and would love to read more of your thoughts and wisdom. Are you a professional writer?

  17. Oh my, I knew I was going to regret posting my original comments....where to begin....first and foremost, a big thank you to Leslie aka, Missussmartypants for responding! I am never too old to learn something new and i value the advise you gave on my comments. I will try to use Faith's articles & advise for inspirations and not actually verbatim for my own style. However, as a middle aged woman who loves to shop, those kinds of "young" trends abound in my malls and stores,TV, catalogs & magazines....most of the trends fall way below what I would consider wearing for myself but they are great for the latest looks. I just thought that I had found a blog that already took the trends and worked them so that I could use them based on my body shape and coloring and/or for those who have fashion challenged minds. I guess because I always love to shop and feel I have a flair for fashion, especially when I was younger, so it never occurs to me that younger women will be on this site. MY only reason for seeking advise is that I don't know what works for my body shape now that I am 52, not because I'm clueless to what's trending or fashionable. For those of you who commented as well, good luck to each and everyone of you trekking thru this "Lipstick Jungle"!

  18. Oh gosh. I'm very sorry. I was looking at the blogs and popped over here for a second and saw the explanation. I read it as if it was written "Leslie, *aka* MSP, has never ..." as a continuation of talking to me. I think it was because we can't paragraph here. I didn't see it as addressing the Leslie here on the forum, but as referring to MSP whose name is also Leslie. But no matter, even if it had definitely been meant for me, I should have just said "Thanks, I'm doing my best" or something, just like Deanne's nice words. I'm embarrassed. I can be my own worst enemy. Again, my apologies.

  19. Gosh. I LOVED reading each of your posts here. I think you are all wonderful. It really gets me thinking about my style too. I just joined again and I'm excited as ever to plan a decent wardrobe. I've lost some weight and I am feeling pretty confident I can do this style thing because I have already learned so much here. I love inspiration from everywhere and I enjoy everyone's opinions here too. This is good to be able to talk about such things because it helps us learn more about our style and how we are all different but can continue to let our style change and stay modern at the same time.

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