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  1. MSP I signed up a week ago to again enjoy your site. I subscribed several years ago and enjoyed it. I have not been able to access my personal information. I get the emails, but when I try to click on the links to go to my information the screen comes up black. Faith gave me some tips on what might be wrong, but they didn't help. I have a Mac, but don't thnink that should affect the programs. Please help. I am anxious to view the new things for fall and get started on remaking my wardwrobe! Thanks in advance for your help! Beverly Thurman

  1. Beverly, I looked up your membership and everything is active and current. There is no reason on our end this should happen. I have not heard of this before and no one else is writing in with this problem. Have you tried using another computer? A neighbor or friend's? I used your log in and was able to access your membership page...BTW, I'm using a mac computer so that is not the problem. Is everything (like Adobe) up to date? Not sure what to tell you accept to search this problem online or at the Apple website.

  2. I also signed up about a week ago and cannot access my information either! I do also use a mac. I get the emails and all the basic blog info. but cannot view the details of the Fashion previews Pt 1 or 2 or Faith's info. I have not gotten any info or feedback re. my personal profile or colors.

  3. inzane03, Since this Forum is for style postings, you need to send customer service a message under "contact us" (please be patient, we get lots of emails and we do answer them all) OR better yet, CALL and speak with Ann. She might be able to help you with this and look up your color ID (if you have already sent it in to us). Thanks!

  4. I know this isn't the proper forum, but here are the instructions for fixing a black PDF screen in Safari. If you aren't super into computers it may be a little technical, but it certainly isn't impossible. 1. Make sure that in your Adobe Acrobat or whatever Adobe you are using under Adobe>Preferences>Internet "Display PDF in browser using:..." is NOT active. 2. Quit Safari 3. Open Finder: Macintosh HD>Library>Internet Plug-Ins, and delete any plugins related to pdf. At least two of them: AdobePDFViewer.plugin and PDF Browser Plugin.plugin 4. Open Safari and ENJOY.

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