Trying to decide C or D??

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  1. I would like to get a membership for my mother, and am trying to figure out which body type she is. She is turning 60 this year, and up until maybe 5-10 years ago, she was the classic pear shape (I guess that's where I get it from). Since menopause hit, she's gained weight substantially in her tummy region, which is somewhere she's never carried weight before. Her shoulders are narrow. She's an Australian size 12/14 on top and perhaps 16/18 on the bottom. For most stores here, this puts her in the upper end for regular sizing, and small end of the plus size range. I'm trying to decide on C or D body type, and leaning towards D. Any hints?

  1. If I understand MSP correctly, she would have been a C but after putting on weight is now a D.

  2. I am a new subcriber... just today. And I'm the same size as your mother. I wish I could have seen what is offered for the C body type before I ordered, because I don't wear Plus sizes. I'm at the largest Misses sizes, but didn't think I qualified as "Cute and Curvy".

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