Funeral Dressing

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  1. What is appropriate for dressing to attend a funeral/memorial service these days?

  1. I went to a funeral in April and wore black pants, heels and a muted color sweater. I saw different variations of this same idea in skirts, dresses etc. Browns, grays, blacks and blue but I did not see any ultra bright colors.

  2. I think the funeral is still a place you should never wear jeans! In my own rural/casual setting, I would be ok with dark trouser-type slacks with plain pockets though. I agree with allison741, anything navy or darker is best, and I would add not to show much skin either. Presenting the grieving family with your pits and cleavage as you attempt to gracefully navigate the grave-side greeting line . . . . not a good idea.

  3. I would also keep the weather in mind. If the temperature hits 90 or above, the last thing you want to do is faint, because you're wearing something with long sleeves in wool!

  4. In NJ, people pretty much wear semi-formal black, but my neighbor died this summer and his 17 year old son wore a bright blue shirt with black pants to his wake. I was suprised to see so much color from the immediate family, so I guess sometimes people wear color too.

  5. In my family, we consider the funeral to be a celebration of the decedent's life, and we dress accordingly. For example, one member loved his denim shirts. His widow gave one to each member of his close extended family, and that's what we wore. Another member loved his sports team; we all wore the team's red and white jerseys. A third loved the color purple and bling. We borrowed pieces of her bling and did her proud. For an acquaintance, I go with standard subdued colors, and honestly, it just feels wrong.

  6. Helen's post got me thinking. When my great-grandmother passed away, my grandmother asked my sister and I to wear these beautiful, floral pastel, floaty dresses that my great-grandmother had just given us for our birthdays a few weeks earlier. Grandma said Gram would have loved to see us in them. She was right.

    For my part, I would love to think that people decided to hang tradition and what other people think, and wore their most beautiful, brightly-colored clothes to my funeral.

  7. Sorry I am late to this topic- I attended a funeral of a dear one a couple of weeks ago. She and I share a birthday and she taught me piano for many years.... over 25 years ago! I chose an outfit based on her taste. I do not know how to add the picture.... especially when my twin 4 year olds are screaming for my attention right now. Sorry. Will try again later.

  8. Emereld2, I LOVE what y'all do!!

  9. Our daughter (27) died in June, 2011. No one in our family wore a lot of dark colors. I wore light gray slacks and a pale yellow shirt. It was a warm day and her services were not a funeral but a celebration of her life.

  10. Another thought...when my mother-in-law died a number of years ago, each of her three granddaughters wore a colored dress...don't remember if they we bright or pastel. But her daughter said they were "Nana's flowers". I think she was right.

  11. I think something that is made with nice material is good, pearls, etc. It can be navy or black yes - but I think colored accents or shells underneath are very appropriate.

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