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  1. Would like to get 3 pairs of jeans hemmed and am not sure how to figure out the length. I read somewhere that they should be 1/2" off the ground, but then that varies according to the shoes, right? I might wear flats, low-wedge sandals, high heels or clogs with any of these jeans . . . Grateful for any advice! Also, have just bought a few colorful t-shirts for Fall and would like to have them taken in to show off my curves. Apparently I'm an "8-shaped" hourglass (, and the one t-shirt that is body skimming looks amazing - very flattering. Is there a simpe how-to guide somewhere that shows how to do this? Thanks, y'all!

  1. I try to have my jeans about 1/2" off the ground also. I have 3 pair of jeans that I wear regularly. One pair is long and goes with my clogs and high heels. Two pair are just for wearing with flats or a very low wedge. I purchase my jeans in different lengths so I don't have to spend more on alterations. With the 3 pair of jeans you have, bring your shoes with you when you get measured and dedicate one to flats, one to heels etc. From briefly looking at insidoutstyleblog I can tell that I will have fun reading there...great site!

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