Bright colored pants for an E?

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  1. Dear MissusSmartyPants, you keep encouraging your ladies to try wearing bright colors this fall, and those colorful pants sure look cute but -- really? For an E? If I can pull it off, I might try it. It would certainly be out of my comfort zone. But I'm not sure I want to call that much attention to my undefined waist, ample tummy (which I hate), and flat butt. What do my SYSters think?

  1. Hi frogprof - I was going to ask the same question for a C! We have now been trained by MSP to wear darker colours for our bottoms and lighter ones for tops, and it has worked well. The weekly shopping selections for C's still show the same dark jeans and trousers. All the same, MSP herself shows off colourful denims, and if I am not mistaken she's a C as well? Can we do it, too? Are there any tricks (perhaps related to contrast yes or no)? By the way I dearly love my set of 'basics' now that I have gradually built them up _ they contain a fair bit of grey and some black. I guess the bright colours will have to be combined with them. I'm ready to get some bright denims as soon as I understand how to do it.....

  2. I'm an E, and I just tried on a pair of burgundy jeans and a pair in teal. The cut of these particular jeans wasn't flattering, but I sure liked the colors. The deeper colors were a good way to start for those of us who are a bit nervous about colored jeans, plus they work well for Fall. If I can find a better cut, I will definitely try them, especially the burgundy ones. Yes, annabuesink, MSP is a C.

  3. In the E shopping guide a week or 2 ago there was a ponte peplum jacket from Target that looked good to me and I ordered it. I saw that Target also had the pants and skirt that match the jacket and I ordered them too. I got them in China blue, so there are my bright colored pants. I think, for an E, if we wear the same colored pants and jacket or pants and top, with an accent color, it will work. They also had the matching jacket, skirt and pants in a raspberry type color that was very pretty.

  4. Yes, it can be done. The key is to play up your accessories and wear a semi-fitted shirt...then rock your style! You deserve to be pretty!

  5. Rock on! I'm going to go for it! I'll let you know how it goes. Cindy27, thanks for the tip about darker colors. I missed the peplum jacket from Target - I'll go hunt that down, too. MissusMSP, thank you so much for your closing tip!

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