Bright colored pants

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  1. OK, so yesterday I decide to go get a pair of bright colored pants - I love the color blue, so was looking for something in the royal blue/aqua family. Went to several stores and no blue pants to be found! The closest I came was in target, they had blue pants, but they were skinny jeans, not something I can wear. They did have a couple pair of blue "normal" pants, but not my size. So frustrated - it always seems that when I want to buy something on trend, I'm too late! Just wanted to vent.

  1. LOL, yeah, I have been having a hard time finding a pair, too. It does seem to be mostly skinny jeans and I am not a fan of how they look on me. However, I don't think you are completely too late. According to MSP the trend will be very alive in the fall so there should be merchandise arriving for the fall for you to try. After all it isn't even Labor Day yet. Keep looking!

  2. I've found the same thing, lots of colorful skinny jeans but no straight leg or even small boot cut pants in bright colors. I like a straight leg but skinny seems to be the trend this year!

  3. I found a couple colors at Dressbarn, mostly the deeper colors like burgundy and teal. These were in the larger sizes, but I believe the Misses sizes had some also that weren't skinny jeans. The ones I tried on aren't shown on their website, so there may be some in the stores that are different.

  4. I found some fun purplish/wine bootcuts size 12 at TJ Maxx yesterday.

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