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  1. Can someone who has purchased the MSP's Style Recipes E-Book tell me a little bit about it. I'm curious to know before I make a purchase. What's it like? What's in it? How do you use it?

  1. I just downloaded the Style Recipes E-Book the other day and I love it. It gives great ideas on how to use the basic clothing we all need. It lists the basics and then you use accessories and accent clothing to spice up your basics. I sat down and checked off the basics that I do have and the ones I still need. They are the neutral colors such as the little black dress or whatever color you want to have instead of black as one of your neutral colors. (I printed the whole thing off and I think it is about 18 or 19 pages. I am excited about it. Of course, I also saved the download so I will always have it.) A lot of examples are given. You asked how I use it. First of all, I haven't had a chance to sit down and do more than check off the basics, but I can see that it will help me to get the proper clothes needed to make lots of outfits. It will keep me from making mistakes in the kind of clothes I buy and the amlount of clothes I need. I have seen books in the library that tell you how to make lots of outfits, etc., but they are kind of far-fetched. This E-Book is very sensible. I am not the least sorry that I purchased it. If you buy it, I hope you are as enthusiastic about it as I am.

  2. I haven't purchased it, but Leslie said it is the same as, or at least similar to, an article she did awhile back. In it, she listed 25 basics, as dorish said above. Then she lists the different combinations you can make with the different pieces. For example: white button up + neutral skirt + accent cardigan, accent t-shirt + casual jeans + casual blazer. She includes pictures to give a visual idea of some of the outfits, along with accessories. She shows how to make at least 100 outfits from those 25 pieces.

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