upper lip hair; can we search the forums?

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  1. I am wondering what other blonde ladies do about the facial hair at the edges of their upper lip. At what point do you pluck or shave those hairs? I'd thought I wouldn't need to do anything, since mine are pale, but every now and then I'll get a really long or wild one that I need to pluck, so that got me wondering whether I am better off removing them all in some way. What does anybody else do? Also, is there any way to search the forums? My questions may be answered in other posts, but I can't look through all of those pages! Thanks for your input!

  1. I am not blonde (as you can see) but I occasionally pluck noticeable lip hair. Most of the time I use a small electric shaver. It really doesn't make my hair come back any thicker or darker as I've heard people say for years. I've tried waxing and that worked ok but the personal shaver is just easier for me. I'm not sure about searching the forums either and am interested if someone has the answer.

  2. Thanks for your input. I keep forgetting to look carefully to see what other women do. This seems like a strange question to ask, but I wasn't sure how else to find out! I suppose it is not the most important aspect of my appearance (and I still tend to neglect some simple things), but I thought it would be nice to know. Julie

  3. Well, I go for electrolysis treatments to rid myself of facial hair permanently. Get an experienced one to ensure they know how to kill the root of the hair without causing you more than a tiny bit of pain. I am very satisfied with the results. Smooth skin and love my technician. Susan

  4. My dermatologist told me lazer treatments only work on dark hair. I've been tweezing the occasional stray or using the two tube Olay combo.

  5. I'm blonde and have quite a bit of facial hair. I use a Panasonic facial hair trimmer that is inexpensive and keeps my face smooth for makeup application. I bought mine at Walmart. Here's a link: http://www.amazon.com/Panasonic-ES2113PC-Pivoting-Facial-Trimmer/product-reviews/B0009DT39C

  6. A great little device is EpiSlim by a manufacturer called Emjoi. It pulls the hairs out from the roots, but it's MUCH less painful than waxing. (and of course lasts just as long with results)

  7. PS - Laser hair removal is great (expensive though!) but it's true that it only works on light brown and darker hair. My facial hair is white-blonde unlike my head and body hair, so I use the EpiSlim. I've had the laser on part of my legs and I'm very happy with the results.

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