B vs E?

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  1. Would someone clarify please between a B and an E? When initially signing up, I selected B because the E said that it was a plus size. I wear a size 12 and beginnning to change my eating and exercie habits to shed some pounds. At my last doctors appointment, my BMI was not where I or my doctor would like to see it. Looking at the clothes for a B, I am now wondering if I made the right selection. Kindly let me know what you think?

  1. If your shoulders and hips are balanced, then this is the best place for you. More than likely you are concerned because you have an undefined waist. If so, not every style in B will work for you...but quite a few will...like peplum tops, button-down tops, empire waist tops, blouson tops (all of these are most often in body type B). When looking at the shopping guides, look for the tops and jacket suggestions that have the most "structure" and you will find these styles are your best! Good luck! Leslie

  2. That makes a great deal of sense! Thank you for the prompt response Hopefully, I can work into a more defined waist with some weight loss and exercise. Happy End of Summer.

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