How do you choose wardrobe colors for the upcoming season?

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  1. I'm just wondering how people choose their 'accents' or 'color focus' for the season? I understand that the bulk of the wardrobe needs to be basics, but how do we know what additional colors we will be able to find in stores? I know MSP has a Fall Preview, but that can't be all inclusive for what stores will be offering. Any thoughts?

  1. I am also curious to understand how, as a "Spring" color person, I should add Fall wardrobe colors. The color analysis was worth the money spent! I'm definately happier with the colors I'm wearing now. How do I add Fall colors if they aren't in my profile and the brighter colors are only available in Springtime?

  2. I'm curious because if I decide that my colors for this fall will be grey, navy, burgandy and gold, and expect to pick up a few fasionable pieces to add to / coordinate with my basics, but then I can't find much in the stores, what do we do?

  3. Hi! It's a dilemma, isn't it? For me, part of the answer is having a style binder, so I can discern what colors/color combinations I like. My neutral colors are navy and brown. I was wearing mostly pink as my accent color for the fall, and I just decided that I wanted to try orange and mustard yellow as my fall accent colors. I think a few key pieces would work well with what I already have. I'm on the lookout for a bright colored pair of heels,some tops, and maybe a patterned skirt or scarf. I've been shopping already for fall, and I've had the same problem you're describing - it seems like most "normal" stores (Ann Taylor Loft, Talbots, etc) don't have a lot of those colors available now. (Which seems odd to me.) I've had the most luck at Marshalls/TJ Maxx and second hand stores. I find the selection at those places to be more expansive. Just keep your eye out for you colors, try on lots of pieces, and only buy the ones you love. @lianeeg - I think you will be surprised about what colors are available year round. And also like I said above, check out second hand shops and the TJ Maxx style stores for colors and styles that encompass more than this season. Keep an open and creative mind, shop your own closet, and I bet you'll look great all fall! :)

  4. You can do a quick google search on "fashion color trends fall 2012" to see what pops up. Pantone, the color company, is a leader in identifying color trends, such as the wildly popular orange "Tangerine Tango". There are also fashion websites that show color trends from designers. If you have favorite stores or manufacturers, try looking at their websites to see what their color groupings are this season. There is a color coordinating industry group whose name escapes me, too, that you might want to look into if you get curious about why every store in the mall has reddish burgundy or deep violet purple all of a sudden, or how sea glass green replaced lime green seemingly overnight. The discount stores like TJMaxx may have a lot of last year's merchandise for sale, but they also have their own stock of items using this season's trend colors.

  5. I have two tips to add to what others have said. 1. My neutrals are always the same colors from year to year. For me it's chocolate brown and warm beige (I'm an Autumn). I am always on the lookout for basics in those colors year 'round. I don't change my neutrals because then I would need to replace everything! 2. When MSP says that "RED" or "Orange" is the hot color, I look for a red or orange that suits my Autumn colors -- brick red, or rust or pumpkin or coral for example. That way I'm on trend but it is the right color for me. 3. I try to buy sleeveless tanks, seasonless slacks, camis, etc. in the Fall that will be wearable in the spring & summer. These I usually buy in my neutrals and the accent colors that are already in my closet. That way if next year's hot color is pastel pink, I can simply skip it. Some years there will be a "hot" spring/summer color that works for me -- i.e. Sage Green was hot one year. Those years I will stock up on pieces that I can use in future years (jewelry, scarves, tank tops, and so on). I have gotten to the point where I would rather wear a color that is right for me than wear a color that is on trend. Elaine in CO

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