Is there a way to wear a jacket that's a little too small?

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  1. I'm in the middle of my closet purge, as well as a healthy-lifestyle-revamp, and I have found a couple of jackets that I'd like to wear for fall, but are a little too small. That is, they fit fine over my shoulders and back, but they won't close comfortably. Can I still wear them open, or will it look lame? Also wondering if there is a way for us E types to wear crew necks successfully. I have a couple of items that I like except for that crew neck, and I'm wondering if there's a way to elongate the neckline with jewelry or a scarf.

  1. Hi Cindy, absolutely you can wear a jacket open. Shows off a pretty top very nicely. One warning, take a good look in the mirror at your profile view, tummy protruding beyond where the jacket hangs open means that this jacket won't work that way. I am not a fan of crew necks either and tend to avoid buying them so I am not sure how to go about making them work. A friend who is good with the scissors and needle tends to cut her crew necks into scoops or vees then sews in some interfacing to make sure they look nicely finished.

  2. Hi, I agree with suzer1 about the jacket. As to the crew neck, they definitely don't do us any favors, but Leslie has said you can wear a long necklace or scarf to create a v-shape that will draw the eye down. Also, a cardigan with a v-neckline over the crew neck might help.

  3. Thanks, ladies! After checking the mirror and several neckline options, I reluctantly decided this particular jacket will look better on a friend (it was a hand-me-down anyway!) but I'll be looking for a similar one that fits, and suits, me better. :)

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