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  1. Does anyone have an opinion about ankle bracelets? Are they in style? I wear a silver one on my right ankle the whole summer. I am a winter/cool color and wear silver/cool tones jewelry all summer long. I use the fake tannning lotion and wear capris/skirts to work/casual and long slacks to church all summer long. Since becoming a member I have second guessed myself about the ankle bracelet. Just need some one else's opionion. Thanks for any input.

  1. I don't know if they are in style or not, but I like them. :0) I have several, but I always forget to wear them. I also wear a toe ring on each foot, and wasn't sure if that would be too much with the ankle bracelet. I'll be interested in hearing others' opinions also.

  2. I think if your bracelet is pretty, and you feel pretty in it, don't worry about what other people are or aren't doing. I say wear it! and let everybody envy you for your cool and unique style. Bask in the glow of having something beautiful, that the majority isn't wearing at the moment, and probably can't even find in stores! :) For my part, I loooooove bracelets, ankle bracelets, and rings, but with dance rehearsals and classes, I've had to forego wearing them much, because I end up panicked and digging through my bag or purse looking for them later...

  3. Love ankle bracelets but always seem to break them very quickly. I am 72, have always been pretty conservitive in general. Plan to wear ankle bracelets till the day I die. In style or not. When every one was wearing nylon hose I liked them over the hose, tho I saw many people wearing them under. Don`t think I would like them over tights.

  4. I just got back from the Iowa State Fair, where I have a jewelry booth. Sell a ton of ankle bracelets there, as well as the various other venues I sell my goods. They are in style in Iowa anyway. From babys to the ladies birdhunters age.

  5. Good! I am so glad. I love my ankle bracelet. I am pretty conservative, 60 years old, but thought I was trying to hard to look young by wearing them. So glad that others think they are allright to wear. Thanks all for your input.

  6. I like ankle bracelets, I also like toe rings. I have small ankles and toes and have trouble finding them in sizes that work for me. but, once I find one, I wear it constantly. I have one toe ring on each foot, and currently don't have an ankle bracelet, but am always on the lookout for one. I prefer white gold or sterling silver over yellow gold. My little nephew is always asking me why I wear toe rings, I always answer "why not?" Incidentally, my favorite color is turquoise, and so for YEARS I have worn shades of green and or blue polish on my toes. It was very interesting this summer to see others wearing similar shades for a change. And, also much easier for me to restock my bottles of polish. (I don't wear polish on my fingernails...I keep them natural or with a french manicure). I have worn a variety of rings over the years, but 10 years ago I found in an antique shop a white gold birthstone ring...with an aquamarine center stone in an emerald cut and surrounded by small round diamonds it's an Art Deco design. I LOVE that ring! Anyway, I prefer to let that ring stand out, so, I don't polish my nails with a color.

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