For MrsMSP: no response from customer service

Started 9 years ago. There are 2 replies by 2 different members. The latest reply was from mcurie.
  1. Three days I sent in a request to change my subscription from one body type to another. I have received no reply, no acknowledgement, and I still got the old body type email today. When should I expect a response? Perhaps you could add a statement on the "contact us" page that "We usually respond within XX business days." Back in the switchover to new website days, I also sent several emails over two weeks and got no response at all. Maybe something is still wrong with the new website "contact us" implementation.

  1. Mcurie, I just checked your account and I see Faith in customer service has already made that change for you. Thanks for your patience. I hope this body type works well for you! Love, Leslie MSP

  2. Missus MSP- Thank you for checking on my account. I look forward to receiving the new body type newsletters.

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