Can Springs wear Navy?

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  1. I have light skin and med-dark brown hair. Should I wear navy this fall? There is a lot of it in the stores!

  1. I am also a spring and the dark blue we have in the Spring Seasonal Color Chart has a purplish hue in it. That color is extremely rare in stores; as a fact, I still haven't found it in the last 5 years. MSP always says that Springs should avoid the dark blue that has red in it and that we need to stick to warm tones. The Seasonal Colors charts in the Website are rather too small to give the exact idea. I can only suggest that you carefully check the hue, comparing the navy item you find with something reddish or purplish. And if you find the right hue and the proper fit, grab it!

  2. I am a spring and have found that navy actually looks quite good on me! I used to avoid it but when I lighten my hair a bit (medium brown with lots of blond highlights) it looks good. I say try it and see!

  3. I am a light spring and like to wear french blue (which is not my shade of blue) because it makes my peach or coral makeup really pop. It does this because the colors are opposite. As for navy, I've been avoiding it around my face, but I think I might be able to pull it off with a scarf that's complimentary to my coloring or to keep my makeup in the peach/coral range.

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