What are good every day casual clothes?

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  1. First of all, let me say I love the changes that MSP is helping me make to my wardrobe and style! I struggle with on the days I stay home with the kids, don't go anywhere, or just make a quick run into the grocery store, what to wear. Comfort on these days is the top priority! I don't necessarily want to wear my "nice clothes" but I don't want to look sloppy either. I usually end up just wearing my gym clothes because they are 1) comfortable and 2) people will just think I'm on my way to or from the gym! Any thoughts or suggestions on alternatives?

  1. You might like the summary and photo wishbook in this website: http://blog.sophisticatedseams.com/2011/09/sahm-style-how-to.html or try a google search on "sahm wardrobe" or "sahm clothes" I'd recommend some machine washable, cotton patterned tops because they don't show stains. Pants with stretchy back waistbands (e.g., from Lands End and Lee Jeans) are great for comfort. Make sure your pants have pockets. Missus MSP's Thursday mailings often have things that are washable and comfortable. Sometimes even the shoes are realistic- flats.

  2. I'm past the days of raising little ones, but am home most of the time. I have been wearing more skirts, especially the casual knit jersey types (like from Target). They are cool in this heat, a little more dressy than pants, and easy to move around in. I sometimes wear cotton pettipants underneath for prevention of chafing or modesty when doing activities, but they aren't always necessary. Add a cute top, other than a tee, some sandals or flats, and you're ready to dash out somewhere. Lightweight, casual dresses are good too.

  3. Ummm, jeans? Three seasons of the year jeans are my casual errand running wardrobe choice. I wear a bootleg or trouser cut in a dark wash. Cute flats, a vee neck elbow lengthed sleeve top, tidy hair and simple makeup is fast, comfy, and presentable. When it is too hot for jeans I switch to woven cotton or linen capris and straight cut skirts and switch the tops to airy/floaty sleeveless and the closed flats to cute sandals and nicely painted toes. If I had nicer legs it would be above the knee skirts or walking shorts for sure.

  4. Check out Jockey Person to Person- they are made by Jockey, sold via home party/ catalog sales. I used to work for them,a nd I love the clothes. High quality, and very cute! Almost all are stretchy and confortable for everyday wear. www.jockeyp2p.com

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