are jackets with 3/4 sleeves soon to be out of style?

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  1. I've seen jackets and blazers with three-quarter length sleeves for several years. Will they will go out of style in a year or two? The ruched sleeves that are three-quarter length seem to be very popular this year again.

  1. I sure hope not! I love 3/4 sleeves year round. They cover my older , not so firm arms and you do not have to push them up when you are working in the kitchen. Also the backs of my arms are the first place that gets cold on me, so I love them! they have been around for several years, but so many Baby Boomers liking them, I think and hope they stay around forever!

  2. Good news is they are not going anywhere! They work for almost year round weather and I love my 3/4 sleeve sweaters come fall! Enjoy ladies because they are a good proportion to wear on our body too!

  3. I just bought a 3/4 sleeved jacket with ruched sleeves and a pleated peplum back at Nordstrom's last week. Adorable! I see in their catalog they are showing 3/4 length sleeves with long sleeves underneath. Go for it sister!

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