Free wardrobe program that lets you inventory your closet?

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  1. I remember on the old forums, someone recommended a free program you can download, a tool that let's you upload pictures of your clothes and create an inventory of your closet. Can anyone tell me what that was?

  1. I downloaded one called HomyFads from the old forum. It is for the computer, not a phone app. Is that the one?

  2. I think it was! Thank you! I'm a non-gadgets, non-apps kinda gal, still living in the 20th century... Do you get much use out of Homyfads? I did a spreadsheet in Excel, outlining everything I own (I keep finding stragglers), and going down a checklist I made to see if I am going to keep it, eBay it, donate it, or give it to friends.

  3. I'm excited about this program. I've always wanted somethiing like this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You're both welcome. I really liked the program, especially that you can tag the items and pull up different categories, like blue tops, all dresses, etc. Unfortunately, all my pictures disappeared from the program after a time (can't remember how long). I'm not sure if it was something I did, or the program. I re-downloaded it after you reminded me about it, in case it was a glitch that might have been fixed by now, so I'll be adding my pictures back in. I had written a lot of information to go with the pictures, so I "get" to put all that back in too. LOL The only other thing I wasn't crazy about in the program was that you couldn't move pictures around when you added new ones in. I would have liked to be able to rearrange them. Maybe that has changed by now, too. Have you had much luck with selling on eBay? I sell other types of items, but the clothes haven't sold for much.

  5. eBay is great! But you have to be a little patient, because you have to wait for your auction to end, or for the right buyer to come along and use the Buy It Now option. I've sold 7-8 items this past month, and made around $325.00 (after postage, which the buyer pays for). I am also very careful to take detail pictures, and list flaws. So going back to the inventory app... how long did the photos and inventorying take you? I love my spreadsheet, because I keep adding ideas to it, but it would be fun to have a photo reference! I may see if I can just put photos in my spreadsheet.

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