Blazer/jacket for body type C

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  1. I would like to add a jacket/blazer to my wardrobe, but I can not remember what style jacket is best for a body type C. Do I need a waist length, hip length, fitted waist, or does the style jacket depend on the skirt/pants you are wearing? I have been a member for almost 6 months, but I have been slow adding new items to my closet. :) I am a veterinarian, but I would like something that is appropriate for casual wear.

  1. I am a fellow C body type and love jackets. They complete an outfit and make you look polished. You should buy a fitted jacket that hits mid hip (around the hip bone). Too short or too long and it will emphasize your hips. My advice is to take a bunch of jackets in various lengths into the dressing room and try them all on. You'll know when you've hit the right length when you see it. The jacket should be fitted at the waist to emphasize your waist which makes you look thinner. It will look like a couple of backward "C"s along your waist. Make sure you can button the jacket. I have made the mistake of buying jackets that I can't do up and have to wear open because I really liked them. I now regret not going a size up. The shoulders seams are also very important in the fit of the jacket. They should fit exactly where your shoulder ends. You may have to buy a size larger to fit your hips. You can always take the jacket to a tailor if it is a little too big around the chest. Since you have a causal lifestyle, you can get a jacket in cotton or twill. Cotton isn't as dressed up as other fabrics. A fitted denim blazer would be a good addition to your basic wardrobe. Hope that helps. You'll be surprised how much you will love having a jacket in your wardrobe. Sandra

  2. Thanks! I have always liked jackets to fit my hips and I have narrow shoulders, so I usually have to alter jackets.

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