advice for retired gals?

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  1. any systers who are retired like me? i still love work clothes but they dont fit my now mostly super casual life. i find myself looking at pumps, career suits. what else should i look at instead! Barb

  1. Hello. You may be able to incorporate the jackets of your work clothes into your new casual clothing. Here is an article about capsule wardrobes I hope it is the sort of thing you are looking for. Best wishes :) PS It also depends on the climate where you live, and what activities you take part in...

  2. Natasha is spot on! Add "work" pieces that you still LOVE to your casual wardrobe.
    If you have a lot of dressy pieces and pumps, you may find that you simply won't wear it all. Take what you won't wear to a consignment shop or give it away to a thrift store.
    A smart blazer worn with casual jeans and nice flats (or even clean white athletic shoes) makes a casual-chic look!
    Happy "stylish" Retirement!
    Love, Leslie MSP


  3. I've just had a thought - keep some dressy pieces and shoes etc, in case you are invited to some occasion that requires them. Otherwise you would be rushing out to buy them again. :)

  4. thanks for these great ideas! and i can still keep my favorites for special occasions. cant wait to try a remix Thanks, Barb

  5. Remember to wear colours that suit you. Remember what colours make friends and acquaintances say "You look well!" Wear "finishing touches" - scarves, earrings, necklaces - (all at the same time...)

  6. That should have said NOT all at the same time... :) :)

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