Wedding in Venice

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  1. My son is getting married in Venice March 18, 2023. It is formal attire. What should I wear that has sleeves and is modest?

  1. It’s in Italy.

  2. I hope you receive a reply from someone who has been in Venice in March. Is there someone you can ask about the likely temperature? Do you need an outfit for the wedding and another for the evening? And for the night before the wedding? A quick internet search for weddings in Italy can provided lots of advice. Shoulders/arms should be covered with a jacket or shawl for a Catholic ceremony. Certain colours are suitable for morning, afternoon, evening. Shoes need to be suitable for cobbled streets if you will be in Venice? Smart wedge heel shoes? Smart accessories to liven up your outfit?

  3. Those are all great suggestions thank you.

  4. Hello again. I wondered if you have sorted out your outfit. I just had another thought - rather obvious... If the bride's family live near Venice, you could ask her mother, or other female relative, for advice re likely weather/temperature and suitable attire. They may be flattered to be asked.

  5. Hello Primarypresv, have you organised your outfits for the wedding in Venice?

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