45th High School Reunion advice

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  1. I'm shopping my closet for an outfit to wear to my 45th high school year reunion next Saturday, and would like advice. I've narrowed it down to two outfits that I feel good in: 1) a royal blue flowered polo style knit dress that is knee-length, sleeveless, v-necked, and collared. It fits well and is my favorite color. 2) slim-fitted, dark wash jeans with a royal blue dressy top. These pieces also fit well. I have dressy sandals that would look good with the dress,but I'm not sure what kind of shoes to wear if I go with the jeans. The restaurant where the reunion is to be held is suited to dressy-casual. I am a petite B, average weight, summer coloring. Any ideas? All suggestions are appreciated!

  1. I've never been to a school reunion, but here we go... Which outfit do you personally think you look best in? And what do you think the others will be wearing (not that you need to wear the same). With the jeans you could either wear the dressy sandals or ballet flats. Here is a link to an article: How to Dress for Your Class Reunion — 10 Tips - AARP https://www.aarp.org › style-trends › info-2018 › class-... Most memorable advice: have your hair done, wear some makeup, don't slouch, look enthusiastic, wear a smile! :)

  2. Thanks for your help,Natasha! I tried on my outfit choices for my husband and he chose the dressy jeans and blue top. I enjoyed the AARP article. Thanks for the link!

  3. Thank you for replying. I hope you enjoy the event. I liked the suggestion in the article, to wear something (eg necklace/ earrings/ bag - that could be a conversation-starter. (The mind boggles!) Also I thought the suggestion to smile and appear interested was useful.

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