Child is graduating… outdoors … in Texas … at night! Help!

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  1. My daughter is graduating with her Master’s degree in a few weeks. (FYI she was homeschooled so didn’t have a high school graduation, and her bachelor’s ceremony was canceled due to Covid. So this will be her one-and-only!) But the ceremony is in the football stadium, seated on bleachers, at 7 PM in Houston! Think heat, humidity, mosquitoes, and crowded bodies; sun will set about halfway through. Oh, and I’m menopausal so hot flashes are a real issue. I’m an E, and I will NOT try to wear Spanx (my usual under my favorite wrap maxi dresses). Any suggestions about what to wear? Events are typically more relaxed here in TX, but still… My favorite look-nice-but-keep-cool outfit is a printed top (blue and purple) with well-fitting white capris (I know, MSP, but properly-fitting capris work well for me) and navy wedges, topped by a navy lace duster. But that seems far too casual for a college graduation…? Hoping for feedback and suggestions!

  1. I think your go-to outfit sounds perfectly appropriate for bleachers. I guess long pants would be better defense against mosquitos. Maybe dark denims? I would take a small bottle of Mario Badescu Facial Spray in my purse to help stay cool. And maybe one of those neck scarves that you soak in cold water, or a tiny battery-powered fan.

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