Do you have a Style Resolution for the New Year 2022?

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  1. Dear MSP SYSters,

    As we turn the calendar to a fresh new year, what Style Resolution do you hope to work on? Are you still trying to figure out your best clothing silhouettes? Or is there something else like working on body positivity?

    Please share with us what you are hoping to do better or something new (style wise) you want to learn about?

    Looking forward to hearing from y'all!

    Love, Leslie MSP


  1. This year I am getting rid of junk that holds me back, including junk clothes, and replacing with what I need. New clothes! New shoes! And they all fit me and my closet! On the other hand, I have fired up my sewing machine (with the help of DH) and have begun tackling the backlog of mending and sewing projects. So far I have made the napkins from the material that has been patiently waiting; so cute on the table! Next is adding some cell phone pockets to my pants for work. This will be challenging; wish me luck!

  2. Dear Catwomanbert: I LOVE your new year resolutions to declutter and get rid of things you no longer love, including clothes you no longer wear.
    I also like your napkin area. What a fabulous way to brighten up your table (and be green at the same time). I love cloth napkins. Best of luck on your sewing projects. Perhaps you can share a picture of your finished projects here?
    Love, Leslie MSP

  3. My Style Resolution for this new year is: to dress EVERY day in clothes that make me smile and feel good about myself. Even if I'm not going anywhere, I want to wear clothes that make me look my best for my family and me. I've already had a few mornings this month when I wanted to just put on something sloppy but I've talked myself out of it each time. I've been surprised at how much better I feel when I wear clothes that fit and are in my color season.

  4. Sherry, Your Style Resolution is a good one! Dressing your best makes you feel your best all day long. I like how you wanted to "give in" and put on something sloppy but talked your yourself out of it. This is proof that what we wear matters. Happy New Year to you!
    Love, Leslie MSP

  5. My resolution for this year is to try and work out what my "real" style is! Having retired from the corporate world a few years ago, and thus having retired from the requisite business suit syndrome, I started a post-retirement career as a fine gardener - which means my normal work day uniform is pants and tops which handle the mud and dirt well. Other recent life changes left me looking for comfort (old jeans and sweaters mostly) and the Covid induced stay-home requirements reinforced that. But I know I need to up the ante - it is just a tad intimidating to take the first steps. So I am back to perusing the MSP postings with better intent. Wish me luck!

  6. I don’t “correspond” like this so it it in the wrong place, but I wanted you to know that my husband and I came to California this month for about 20 days. Using your system I was able to take one purse (on my shoulder; one in bag) an under seat carryon and one checked carryon. I remember watching my mother pack for a weekend with a car trunk full of luggage for herself! Thank you! Lynn in Ohio

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