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  1. I have never understood if we are to keep the same accent colors year after year or if it is better to switch them up within our seasonal palatte. I am an E body shape, older and a winter. I used to be into deep purples and then various blues. Last year or so, I got into burgandy as well. But all of these accent colors go together. Are we supposed to choose a new accent color each year, each decade, or are we supposed to keep the same one or 2 forever for things like scarves, shoes, handbags.

  1. Hi Mary, I love the color palette for winter! Lucky you! (I'm a summer) You have an interesting question. I'm not a fashion expert but I would guess that as long as you are choosing accent colors that belong to your seasonal color palette you are free to switch up. Seems to me that it would keep fashion more fun from year to year. If you hear burgandy calling out to you it's probably about that time. Best of luck with your fashion adventure!

  2. Hi Mary, I think you may have a nice group of things that go well together. It cannot hurt to buy something in a new color that may mix well with them. Fuchsia? Teal? All the best to you!

  3. Hi Mary. I tend to watch the seasonal colors posted and if there is one in my palette that looks like an updated/on trend color for the season I will add that to my accessories and wardrobe. Just one or 2 pieces for the season can really make me feel updated.

  4. I'm not advertising it, but website is an interesting source of colour ideas. If you could visit any fabric or accessories shop you could test lots of colours against the items you like to wear. Some suggestions to go with burgundy: light or deep pink, peach, metallics, rust, white or cream, beige, navy, greens. Have fun with your accent colours. :)

  5. I don't like to get rid of anything, lol, so I have years worth of accent colors. This year I have added some yellow, which I didn't wear before. I wore bright pink, got tired of it, then dug it out of storage to wear again. My core colors ebb and flow, too: dusty blue, beige, grey and white all take turns through the seasons and over the years. I haven't worn much chocolate brown for a couple of years, but I have some leopard print now. I like variety, Some wear just black and white. Do what feels good to you!

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