Does your seasonal colors when going gray?

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  1. I let my hair go completely gray so I was wondering is my easonal colors should change. I am a winter and feel like that color palate still looks good on me. But with gray hair now should I switch to summer colors that are more muted? What are the rules? Thanks.

  1. Dear SYSter,
    While the winter colors (most of them) may still work, you should try on in different lighting some of the slightly muted shades of the summer palette. Rules? It's all about finding your best colors for you-right now. As we age, we dull out (sorry, but true) and often get cooler in undertones. Sometimes however, a shade has just a touch of brightness that we need. So, try on lots of shades-even ones you would never have considered before and see what makes you look vibrant and amazing. TIP: With gray hair: consider adding taupe (a soft brown-gray) to your list of neutrals. Let me know how you get on in your color experimenting!
    With love, Leslie MSP

  2. Thanks, Leslie!

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