Black Leggings Alternative

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  1. Hi ladies. I'm a newbie here, but familiar with MSP for years :) My question for advice has to do with leggings. I like to wear dresses sometimes and often prefer to wear leggings instead of tights. What are some suggestions beside only black leggings? I'm 66. I prefer to wear flats (shoes). Another thing is that I will not wear patterened-coloured leggings; this is not a judgement on those who do, it's just absolutely not for me. Thank you ladies!

  1. Any neutral leggings will work. I recommend a darker gray, navy, and deep chocolate brown. I prefer a footless legging too vs. tights. It's more casual, yet keeps your legs covered and looks good with flats. Hope that helps...
    Leslie MSP

  2. It helps very much, Leslie. I don't want to wear nylons/hose and I don't want to wear tights in this warmer weather. Thanks for taking the time to answer :)

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