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  1. My MSP membership expires in a few days so before I go, I wanted to send the MSP team a "thank you" and my personal thoughts on the current MSP program.(I tried to do this through the "contact" link on the website but couldn't say it in less than 500 characters.) I've been a MSP member on and off for many years and consider MSP a great "SYSter" and friend. I've learned soooo much about dressing my petite B body shape from her and I want to say, "Thank you, Leslie, and I hope you never stop helping others with your caring advice and insight. You have changed so many lives, mine included." And next, not to be critical, but just to let you know a member's thoughts about two changes that have been made to the "Weekly" Shopping Guides. When I rejoined MSP last July, the guides were still weekly, as in 52 a year. I was so disappointed when, without giving a reason, they soon went from weekly to bi-weekly. I learn so much from them and always looked forward to the new one each week. I realize they are now available for a longer length of time, but to me it's kind of like reading an old newspaper-nothing new, so I rarely revisit them. The other thing that I miss is the shopping guide being from a variety of stores and price-points. I miss the guides that were occasionally from J.C. Penny and other stores that are actually in my area and that are more affordable. I know these are just "guides", or suggestions, but I loved when there was variety and an actual possibility of my being able to treat myself to one of the items if I fell in love with it. ???? All in all, the membership is still worth the money just to learn the dressing guidelines for your particular body type and the wardrobe basics. The reason I'm not renewing is because this time around I rejoined mostly for the weekly shopping guides, hoping they would keep me updated on the current fashions and trends. I plan to stay signed up for the free newsletter and continue to visit the forum as long as they are made available, because I learn so much from them and want to stay connected to MSP. (Thank you for these!) Love, Sherry P.S. May I add, I am only speaking for myself and I may be the only one that preferred the old weekly shopping guide format over the new.

  1. Sherry,
    Thank you so much for your message. I truly appreciate hearing from each of my style SYSters and knowing how they have used the Personal Profile system with success. It warms my heart to know I've had an impact on helping women learn to dress with confidence. It's why I do what I do.
    Regarding the style guides, they are posted longer and the links last several months. This gives the member a chance to view and use each one before they are removed. We were finding that we had too many requests for past shopping guides and were spending time looking up past shopping guides for all 5 body types. We did NOT want to increase our prices (and in fact, we never have). We continue to keep the MSP Personal Profile system affordable and practical for ALL WOMEN.
    Please continue to get the free weekly emails and hopefully you will consider joining again. It is with the support of my MSP SYSters that I continue to operate.
    With love and gratitude-Leslie MSP

  2. Hello, I too am a previous customer who re-subscribed for two reasons: motivation to keep up appearances now that I'm 100% work-from-home and the weekly shopping guides were something I looked forward to and missed. I understand the need to keep cost of membership from rising, but I miss weekly shopping guides. The articles barely change from year-to-year, so not much new for me (after several years of membership and saving the articles in a Style-File, you can't help but notice). I understand others may be new to MSP, and we all appreciate what you offer. Please consider repeat customers. Thank you.

  3. I REALLY miss the weekly shopping guides as well. They were great for when I was stuck and needed inspiration. Also, maybe I missed it, but don’t remember seeing the seasonal color palette for fall/winter 2021/22?

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