Customer Service?

Started 8 years ago. There are 2 replies by 2 different members. The latest reply was from veronicah.
  1. Hi all, Has anyone had any trouble getting in touch with MSP since the new website came up? I've posted a question and it's been 48 hours without even an acknowledgement that my request was received. With the old system at least I knew my customer service issue had been received. Is it possible that they're not getting through? Leslie, if you see this, please respond. This SYSter is ready to get back on a membership but I had a question first! :-) Thanks!

  1. Veronicah, Thank you for your inquiry. Please look for your answer in a separate email. We're excited for you to get style membership back, SYSter! Fall is just around the corner! Love, Leslie MSP

  2. Yay! Thank you, Leslie! I know, I'm looking forward to the fall preview and have missed my weekly guides.

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