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  1. Some ideas off the top of my head. Stay interested in yourself, as well as the world around you. Make yourself presentable and go out of the house every day, if possible - further than the front gate/ door. Take a daily walk if you are able. Join groups for your interests - political, artistic, social. Check in a full length mirror before you step out. Don't begrudge yourself some decent clothing :)

  1. The Aging Gracefully article has stirred a lot of thoughts that I have already been having lately due to recently turning 60. One thing: Hair. Got a perm a few weeks ago because my hair is stick straight and I wanted something easy for summer - husband and I go camping a lot. I hate the perm. Too tight. Frizzy. Ugh. Today I received a compliment on my hair. Nice, but *I* don't like it so that compliment holds no value to me. Then I've been thinking about stopping coloring. Debating and more debating. Second thing: Feeling invisible. Yesterday at church I started talking to one lady - she interrupted our discussion to say she had to go to the bathroom. Ok - no biggie. Second lady I started talking to - another woman walks up mid-conversation, gives 2nd lady a hug, the 2 of them start talking and suddenly I'm out of the conversation. I felt invisible. I waffle between not caring how I look and just trying to do the best with what I have and I'm finding it hard to find the balance. Pardon the ramble, but I would love to hear others' thoughts and continue this topic. Jimble

  2. jimble - You're not invisible. Someone complimented you on your hair. As it grows, the curl will soften and you may like it better yourself. As regards hair colouring, everyone has their own opinion. Having seen my own natural hair colour during the recent lockdowns, I'm all for artistic colouring :) The events at church probably had causes unknown to you, eg first lady needed to "rush off to the bathroom" but didn't want to elaborate - and the second may have had urgent reason to talk to her friend. Could you help out with some small tasks at the church to get to know more people? (That's off the top of my head). Anyway, enjoy your camping trips with your husband and forget what happened on that occasion.

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