Clothing choices too expensive

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  1. I am upset with the clothing suggestions that are being offered in my personal body type guide. I feel that they are only from sponsored stores such as Talbot's and Nordstrom. I can't afford an $80 top; I am a teacher. Am I the only one that feels this way?

  1. Hi! I always use the clothing suggestions as suggestions only - and inspiration for ideas. I live o/seas and with the change in currency & postage I find them too expensive (or should I say out of my budget?) even when on sale, even though I know it is a good buy. What I do find them useful for though is as a reference to look for items available locally. I go to consignment stores or local shops if there is something I am after.

  2. If you are sure of your size try shopping on eBay. You have lots to look at and some amazing bargains can be found in name brands for a fraction of what you would spend in a store. Most sellers post measurements and if the garment can be machine washed. Watch out for postage as it can be steep and be sure to wash the clothes before you wear them.

  3. Lilyapril, that's a good idea. I keep intending to look on Ebay for some of my favourites that are no longer available in the shops.

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