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  1. Both my 20 something children say I should not wear white pants at 60 years old. So every time I try on a pair I hear them saying No! Thoughts...

  1. White pants / trousers/ jeans are suitable for any age. I'm sure you must have seen women of all ages wearing them and looking fine. Very suitable for summer. I prefer white jeans to white linen trousers, but I don't live in a very hot country.

  2. I'm 56 and wear white jeans, floral, blue, camo...but the hotpants I only wear at home.

  3. I think that white pants/jeans look classy, and dressed up can look chic. Perhaps try wearing them somewhere when your children are not around and see how you feel about it.

  4. Make sure they are a flattering fit. If necessary wear a longer top with them. Then off you go, and enjoy the sunshine!

  5. Sometimes the kids don't elaborate on why they give their advice. Perhaps ask them for specifics: is it the color itself or maybe the particular fabric of the white pants. If they say something like, the white pants shows your underwear through, or the white fabric pulls over your body... MAYBE it's not the color at all, but the fabric or the fit. (My two adult sons tell me their words of wisdom at times, and the more they elaborate, the more I appreciate the depth of their thoughtfulness - tho I may not necessarily agree with their opinions.)

  6. Wise words, Socalgal. Maybe the offspring don't mean avoid white trousers in general, just a particular pair.

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