How should sandals fit?

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  1. The saleswoman told me that these sandals were too big, that my toes should extend to the end of the sandals. But these are more comfortable. What do you think?


  1. I can see both your and the saleswoman's point of view. However, function and comfort are the most important things. Did you try walking around the shop in both sizes of sandal? Also I suppose the straps would be in a slightly different position on your toes if you chose a different size. That too might affect the comfort.

  2. They look just right to me and I would definitely go for comfort. Cute sandals, btw!

  3. Diane, Your sandals look just fine. If they don't rub or feel too loose-wear them! They look fine to me and perfect for many summer outfits. Love, Leslie MSP

  4. I always prefer sandals to be half a size up from my normal size 8. That is what is most comfortable for me but I guess comfort is what it is to each individual.

  5. I think it looks icky when toes hang over the front.

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