suit cost versus jeans cost

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  1. I probably need to buy a new suit or at least a very nice business skirt. It would get worn maximum 12 times a year. I usually pay 50-100 dollars for a pair of jeans that I would wear once a week. What would be a reasonable amount to pay for a well wearing suit or skirt?

  1. I've had a quick look online. Nordstrom have Business Wear skirts at from 140 to 280 dollars. Macy's have an Anne Klein Business Suit (Jacket, Trousers and Skirt) for 298 dollars and similar with just a jacket and skirt for 255 dollars. It depends where you would be wearing the suit or skirt, and what the other women would be wearing, as to how much you feel like spending... If you can visit an actual store you would be able to check the quality of the fabrics and try on some garments.

  2. You may find a bargain in the Sales at present. Good hunting. :)

  3. thanks!

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