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  1. I am very unhappy with my subscription. I feel that all the clothing recommendations are from a compensated sponsor which makes me very sad. For example, every single item on my weekly guide this week was from Talbot's. I can follow online blogs without paying for a subscription and get better than this.

  1. Dear Angela,
    Thank you for sharing your concerns. Yes, MissusSmartyPants does use affiliate links. The shopping guides give you "guidelines" or style suggestions (and inspiration) for each of the 5 body types. Each article of clothing and complete outfits have been selected specifically for each shape. You do not need to use these links.
    Everything is shared as style inspiration and you are free to shop using the links (if you are interested), or you could find similar suggested styles at stores near you. Keep in mind, you can also "shop your closet" or consignement stores, or any place for that matter. What is important is, understanding the best styles for your shape.
    Love, Leslie MSP

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