Missing the weekly shopping guides

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  1. I sure miss getting a new shopping guide every week. This is how I check out what's new in the stores and online and I like that it's geared for my body type. In fact, it's the main reason I purchased the Personal Profile. I noticed a few months ago that the guides went from weekly to bi-weekly, and the most current one posted now is almost a month old. I emailed my question through the "Contact Us" link but didn't receive a reply so I'm not sure if my email went through. Anyone here heard if the weekly shopping guides are being phased out? I sure hope not!

  1. I'm glad you brought this up. I thought the missing shopping guides was a mistake but now I see it isn't. I like a weekly shopping guide as well. I hope you get a reply and an explanation.

  2. Taskerud, I got an email from "Ann" at MSP with no explanation but it had a link to a shopping guide dated 2-25-21. She said there would be another one posted later this week. I don't know why the link to this one doesn't show up on the personal profile page and I don't know why the guides went to bi-weekly. I sure hope it is only temporarily.

  3. I thought it was just me... the weekly guides are one of the main reasons I signed up too.

  4. I asked about this back in January and got a reply saying "Our shopping guide format has changed to every other week. Since the links last for several months, they are now posted longer. This gives you a chance to review them before they are gone. "

  5. Yes, collinge, I realize the format changed and since the shopping guides are only every other week now, they're listed longer. I would prefer to have a new weekly shopping guide rather than viewing old ones longer. One of the ones now listed is from December. That's not really a help for the new spring styles.

  6. P.S. Thank you collinge for posting the reply you received.

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